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M & H Transmissions performs all services to your vehicle with the highest attention to quality and safety. We believe in maintaining your car in the best possible condition to improve it's length of service. Our staff of highly trained and certified technicians will allow you to be confident in your vehicle. Call us today to experience the M & H difference! 

      30, 60, 90 K SERVICE
M & H performs your 30, 60 and 90 K services as well as all other intervals of maintenance services. We have programs which specify which services the car manufacturer recommends at each mileage interval to keep your vehicle in top running condition. We can also tailor a maintenance program to your specific driving pattern, especially delivery vehicles. 
Safety and Emission Inspections
All of our technicians are Safety and Emission Inspection certified. Eric is also a certified Emission repair technician. We will work to keep your vehicle compliant with state regulations. 
Oil Changes
One of the most important things you can do for your vehicle is have the oil changed regularly, following your manufacturers recommended intervals. All of our oil changes include check of fluid levels, belts, hoses, filters, suspension parts and tires. This look over is key in preventing unwelcome surprise breakdowns at inopportune times ( like on vacation or on the way to that important interview ). Also, keeping your engine properly lubricated with clean oil is fundamental in getting a long life out of your vehicle. 
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